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Released:  15/04/20122012-04-15


Add your franchise opportunity video to - FREE

Add your franchise event to - £300 (deleted after event)

Add your franchise services to - £300 per year

Add additional videos to - £50 per year


Have your video appear on the Homepage carousel - £100 per year

List your franchise first in your industry category - £300 per year (First come)

List your franchise video in top ten franchise opportunities - £300 per year (First come)

Banner Iink to your website or video on our homepage - £300 per year

Sponsor logo on homepage top banner - £100 per year

Video Production

Option 1 - Filming you in our Greenscreen studio
Come over to our green screen studio near Kings Cross Station in London and we will either interview you or you can read your script of up to 300 words from our autocue, we'll then edit the video adding your contact details, logo and any image that you bring along. You will end up with a beautiful High Definition 2-3 minute video, starring you, for just £350 + VAT.

Option 2 - Filming a professional presenter reading your script in our Greenscreen studio
This option is ideal for franchisors that are shy (not many of those) or would simply prefer to use a highly professional presenter. You just send us the script, your logo and some relevant images and we will create the HD video for you. This service is just £500 + VAT.

Option 3 - On location filming
We'll come to you for a day, anywhere in the UK and film your staff, premises, franchisees, vans, website etc. We'll bring with us HD cameras, sound gear, steadicam and even cameras to stick on your vehicles and get some incredible footage. We will then cut together a 3-5 minute high definition film presented by either you or one of our voiceovers. The cost of the entire operation is just £2,000 + travel and VAT and you will be delighted with the results! We will also film a couple of your franchisees and create testimonial videos of each FREE OF CHARGE!

Whichever option you choose we will add the videos to, free of charge, for a year and you can add them to your own website and any social media site that you may use (YouTube is a must and we can also advice you on how to maximise viewers)

Have your own online TV Channel
If you like why not have your own online TV Channel. We will bespoke this template just for your company featuring just your videos and any of the FSTV advisory videos you may wish to include. the cost to set up your own online TV Channel is just £3,000 + vat and that includes a half day in our studio creating up to 60 minutes of video content.

Have your own TV News Program
Take a look at the TV News programs on If you would like your own TV News program to send out to franchisees and potential franchises all you need to do is send us your stories with relevant images and within a week you will have your news program ready to play on your site, on our site and on the hundreds of social media sites with a potential audience of thousands. Why waste time with printed newsletters or e-newsletters that are seldom read when for just £499 you can have your own TV News Program?

We have many, many years of video production experience in the franchise industry already behind our belts which will become evident when we chat.

Well that's it really. You can check out our videos and our services at You can call us anytime to discuss your needs and we would be delighted to meet up with you at your convenience. We are also pretty knowledgeable on all things to do with online video and social media and you are welcome to just shoot the breeze with us on such topics.

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